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Best Standalone Smartwatch

Been looking for a standalone smartwatch that is affordable and powerful. I wanted stability and fun, this watch is android which means I can tweak it anyway I want.

It’s ok

It’s what I expected.

DM100 Smartwatch for Men Android LEMT 4G LTE & WiFi
Sheralene F. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great Watch

I love this watch. It was kinda difficult navigating all the features. I wish there was a better arm band to go with it, preferably one with a swivel because certain apps only work in portrait mode and I don’t feel like taking off my watch for that all the time. So I will stay tuned…

Screen Protector for DM100 LEM T Smartwatch
Zahid K. (Philadelphia, US)
Excellent Protection cover

Finally I got my screen protector & it’s hard to get it so I order for future in case is torn off or something so I have spar one handy ❤️

Big Smartwatch

This watch is no joke, great display, money well spent.

Not bad!

Shipping was quick. Bought this for my kid to use as a phone since he didn't want to carry an actual phone. Works good for all basic functions. Wish battery life could be better though.


Great watch! I still need to purchase a bigger sim card

DM100 Watch Strap Band Replacement OEM
Willie F. (Arlington, US)

DM100 Watch Strap Band Replacement OEM


Dual camera, great screen and awesome power, this DM101 Smartwatch blows away my apple watch.


Arrived nicely wrapped and packaged. Turned it on and settings was a breeze, works well with the Speedtalk sim, I use it mostly for calling and playing music.

4G Sim Card Service
Richard H. (Atlanta, US)

4G Sim Card Service

It is simply beautiful

It is the watch of a life time. Its everything I thought and more THANKS

Bigger is better

I love this big smartwatch, I am happy it works with Speedtalk which saves me money every month.

DM101 Smartwatch

Great big smartwatch, I can download apps from the Playstore and watch movies.


The watch is great, it really does do most things well, I am enjoying watching Youtube videos and connecting my airpods for music.

Larger battery any better?

I purchased same phone from another seller to find out the 1280 mAh battery has the same performance than the 860 mAh: no more than one day! Obviously it was returned. I will try this one hoping for a better battery life to avoid another return. Thank you!

DM101 Big Smartwatch 4G+WiFi 3GB RAM+32GB


This is a beast of a smartwatch, two cameras, perfect size and plenty of power. I use it with T-mobile, works great.


Love the size and the fact that it came so fast. Well worth the price.

Hazzler UV Wand Germ Sanitizer
Trisha M. (Bend, US)
UV wand

Very easy to use

Screen Protector for DM100 LEM T Smartwatch

Love it

Arrived on time and it literally does everything you can expect of a smartwatch, it comes with extra watch bands so awesome.

I like it

Perfect size and all the right features, did not work with Verizon but works with my At&t sim.

Fun Watch

I've had my eye on this watch for a long time, finally bought it and all I can say is money well spent. It's a big watch with the right freatures, perfect replacement for my phone.


Great watch for the price, connects to bluetooth and I can make calls and text.