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This is a beast of a smartwatch, two cameras, perfect size and plenty of power. I use it with T-mobile, works great.


Love the size and the fact that it came so fast. Well worth the price.

UV wand

Very easy to use

Screen Protector for DM100 LEM T Smartwatch

Love it

Arrived on time and it literally does everything you can expect of a smartwatch, it comes with extra watch bands so awesome.

I like it

Perfect size and all the right features, did not work with Verizon but works with my At&t sim.

Fun Watch

I've had my eye on this watch for a long time, finally bought it and all I can say is money well spent. It's a big watch with the right freatures, perfect replacement for my phone.

So Cute

I love em. My favorite color and the pods works well, thank you!


Great watch for the price, connects to bluetooth and I can make calls and text.

Blows my mind

Best smartwatch ever, can't believe how much things I get to do with this. Just put a custom launcher on it and have fun.


It works well and comes with two different straps, bye bye phone.

This is very useful, I take it everywhere.

Got it within 3 days, very easy to use. Will buy one more just to be safe.

very good watch, does everything!

Looks good and plays excellent music. Just ordered one more.

Great watch, didn't even need a sim card.

Love it! Plenty of RAM & power, full google playstore and it works with At&t, excellent!

great sound... but when used for talking people say my voice is muffled...

Well made and works well. Able to keep my family safe with this device. Shipping was also very fast.

Perfect birthday gift for my little one.

Arrived quickly, bought 3 packs and was able to set it up without any hassle.

Awesome, they sound so good with plenty of clarity. Will buy one more, thank you seller for shipping quickly.

Used it for 3 months now, awesome watch, love the fact that I can customize it the way I want....Awesome!

Arrived quickly and came with extra watch band, for the price it is an awesome watch!

It was important to me to find a UV device with over 200 wavelength, this device is ove 275 yet very portable. I use it everywhere, from my kitchen to the car.