H-Pros Memory Foam Earbud Tips Set for Air Pro 3


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H-Pros Memory Foam Earbud Tips Set (3 Sizes in 1 Set) for Air Pro 3

H-Pros replacement Earbuds Tips is compatible with AirPods Pro or Air Pro 3 & has strong deformation ability and recoverability, so as to reduce ear canal stimulation and fatigue. Stronger hold of headphones in ears.

  • H-Pros Memory Foam Earbuds Tips are resilient and more “breathable” than silicone and gel-filled ear tips, they expand once inserted into your ears for a flexible fit. 
  • The memory foam tips seal the ear perfectly for maximum music experience. Increases bass response without sacrificing clarity. Passive noise reduction design on the Earbud Tips, improves the bass, a lot, for your EarPods. Blocks more sound improving noise cancellation.
  • H-Pros replacement Earbuds Tips stay in your ears during your most intense exercises. Ensuring long-lasting comfort to your ears, great for running, cycling, working out at the gym and much more. Does not hurt ears for long time wearing
  • Comes in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. So you can have the perfect fit. Compatible with AirPods Pro & Air Pro 3.                                                                                                                                                                                                           **AirPods Pro and charging case are not included.**
  •  These Ear Tips are the ideal replacement when the original AirPods Pro Ear Tips are lost, broken, or dirty.