First of all, we would like to Thank you for visiting HAZZLER.COM. We created this page to alleviate the stress of waiting for your package. Until now we have been manually composing the e-mail containing the tracking info for every customer and we were extremely backlogged. This is why we've decided to make a dedicated tracking page that will help our customers find their way through the maze of different carriers, shipping packages, and tracking numbers. We realize it was easier when you received a very explicit e-mail with detailed instructions, but because we are a very small team, this lead to extremely long waiting periods and frustration for some of our customers.

First things first, before explaining how to track your packages, let's reiterate some essential points..

  1. Very often, we are packaging and shipping items separately, so if you received one package that did not contain your entire order, please don't worry. Your order has been split into multiple packages for logistic reasons and in order to keep the shipping cost low, for you.
  2. Shipping times vary, depending on your location. Please check your receipt for estimated arrival time. Also, we need to remind you that since we are mostly shipping straight from manufacturers all over the world, the shipping time might be longer than you expectHowever, this enables us to keep the price down, for you, the customer.
  3. If you received your tracking numbers, but they are not updated yet, please keep in mind that this is entirely carrier dependent. Please allow up to 3 business days for tracking numbers to be updated. If after 3 business days the tracking is still not updated, please get in touch with us at 


You, most likely, arrived here after receiving an e-mail from us with one or more tracking numbers. Please look at each tracking number you received, And enter the number into this portal.

Often shipment delay may occur if the shipment requires customs clearance or inspection, transportation delay caused by carrier service or if we are experiencing a high volume of orders. Please note customers are responsible for any customs and tax charges that may occur for their order. 

Contact us at if you have not yet received a tracking number.