How to Update an Android Standalone Smartwatch

How to Update an Android Watch to the Latest Firmware

Does the idea of updating your standalone smartwatch confuse you? Or does it seem like a chore that is too difficult?

Well we get that updating your standalone smartwatch may seem like struggle seeing how it isn’t a smartphone or a tablet that can easily be updated through settings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t update your smartwatch like the DM100 Smartwatch. Updating the firmware of your smartwatch is very important, because usually they contain fixes for any bugs or lag you may face while using your smartwatch. Similarly, the brand of your smartwatch may have added some new features that can only be used once you upgrade your watch.

So the only way to ensure that your android smartwatch lasts a long time without any issues is by updating the firmware, and therefore, in today’s post we will list down all the steps you need to follow. It is pretty simple and won’t be difficult at all. Just follow the below mentioned steps and your smartwatch’s firmware will be updated in no time.

Here we go!

There are two ways you can update your watch:

  1. OTA Update

An OTA update is really simple to perform, just make sure your watch is connected to WiFi or Cellular data. After that simply go to Settings on your smartwatch, click on About, and look for System Update.

Check to see if there is a new update available or whether your firmware is already the latest one.

In case there is a new update available, download it and once complete, simply click on Update and you’ll be done within a few hours depending upon the brand of your watch.

OTA updates don’t need any plug and play, and can be done via WiFi or Cellular data, just make sure that before you update the firmware the battery life is above 80%.

  1. Manual Update

Performing a manual update is no rocket science, but there may be a few added steps. These steps works well in the modern smartwatch especially the Lemfo Smartwatch. First of all make sure that you have a USD data cable and a laptop or PC handy that contains the updated firmware to flash over

Let’s start with ADB debugging, on your watch:

  • Go to Settings and click on the About
  • Once you find the Build Number tap on it continuously till you enter Developer Access.
  • Go back to the Settings menu and now you will find Developer Options.
  • Now click to enable ADB Debugging.

Now connect your watch to your computer, launch the ADB program and do the following:

  • Enter the command: adb reboot recovery. This will put your watch in recovery mode.
  • On your watch click on the option that says Apply Update from ADB. You will notice that your watch is in Sideload mode now.
  • Type adb sideload on your computer ADB program.
  • Now manually drag the OTA firmware in the command window and click
  • Now your device will start rebooting and updating.
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