Are UV Wands Effective?

The 2020 pandemic has put all of us on high alert and introduced us to devices such as phone soap and uv wand. While most people are taking the rightful steps to making sure no virus stays on board, who wouldn’t want to go the extra mile to make sure we’re at least 99.99% virus free?

You may have heard of the magic of disinfecting through UV Wand or sanitizing wand that has become quite popular this year. While there are many fake wands that have little to no power available on the market when it comes to disinfecting and killing all germs, there are some that get the job done. But before you go making a purchase it is good to know how it actually works?

How a Sanitizing Wand Works?

There are three types of Ultraviolet radiations that are emitted by the Sun and the electromagnetic spectrum, mainly:

  • UV-A ranges from 315 – 400 nanometers
  • UV-B ranges from 280 – 315 nanometers
  • UV-C ranges from 100 – 280 nanometers

Out of all the three, UV-C has the most effective ability of destroying the DNA and RNA structure of most bacteria that leaves them ineffective of creating any sort of havoc on humans. However, this does mean that this same UV-C radiation can cause damage to human skin, and eyes. No wonder dermatologists tell us to wear sun block and SPF, but you won’t be using it on your skin so there is no need to be afraid. Only be cautious and protective of the exposure. Despite many UV wands sold online that boast they kill germs in a few seconds or minutes aren’t telling the truth, as an effective UV wand needs at least a good couple of minutes and the right wavelength. A good way of testing whether your UV wand is effective or not is the banana test!

Banana Test

To test the effectiveness of a UV wand simply hover the germ wand over a green banana for at least 15 minutes. If the skin of the banana turns brown it shows that the wand is actually emitting UV-C radiations. Another important thing to note is that while buying a wand make sure that your wand has a wavelength of 260 nanometers as it is the most effective to disinfect surfaces, clothes etc.

We hope you found this article informative when buying a UV wand for yourself or someone else, and can keep an eye out for red flags when you come across fake ones. If you’re looking for a UV wand that actually works, check out the sanitizing uv wand by Hazzler, by simply clicking here.